Old Millhouse Desk

You could write the next great American novel sitting at this desk.  Character and quality offer all the inspiration needed!  The wood for this unique desk was reclaimed from a 100 yr. old mill house in one of Charlotte's smaller neighborhoods.  Hand cut and welded 2.5" thick legs create a sturdy base to show off the table's real gem: its gorgeously preserved rich wood grain.  We several coats of clear matte finish to maintain its natural beauty.  Now you get to write this story's ending....

*The height and width of this piece can be customized.  Please email for a quote.  

**Every piece of wood is unique and so each desk will be slightly unique as well

Character comes with time and experience. That's why we specialize in reclaimed wood.  With 2nd Story Wood Co., these beautifully aged and imperfect fragments of wood are beginning their 2nd story.   Rather than discard these treasured pieces, we reclaim their history and handcraft each order, which takes some time.  We take about 3 to 4 weeks to create each made-to-order piece.  Your purchased item is completely distant.  This is what gives our products a unique and storied quality.  

Dimensions: 30"H x 60"W x 28"D