Our Story

We are an eco-friendly company that specializes in handmade, reclaimed wood furniture. Our creations have been purchased by designers, poets, lawyers, and hardworking parents. They’ve been featured in studios, stores, homes, and offices across America.  There’s strong heritage in our decades old wood, making each piece a unique story.  We don’t take short cuts – our pieces are crafted outside of the box, with wood that’s locally and ethically sourced because we feel a strong commitment both to design that’s freshly original and eco-minded.

Character comes with time and experience. That's why we specialize in reclaimed wood. Our products are just beginning their 2nd story. 

Their first story is rich with history - some survived wars, forest fires, droughts. Much of the heart pine we use was first used to frame homes built here in the south, at one point in the 1800's, four out of every five homes in the south were framed with heart pine. You can still see the nail holes and saw marks from their first story...we like to think of them as beauty marks.

With 2nd Story Wood Co., these beautifully aged and imperfect pieces of wood are beginning their 2nd story. Rather than discard when the first story has come to an end, we reclaim their history and prepare it for a 2nd story to be determined by you.   Each piece we make is a one of a kind - truly, we cannot make two pieces exactly the same.  This is what gives our product a unique and storied quality.